J.G.D.R Entertainments are based in Kingston upon Hull supplying so many forms of entertainment within our area and further afield. Founded in 2016 with the merger of two already successful companies we have grown from strength to strength to supply the best in entertainment around. With over 20 years experience in running entertainment events we are experienced enough to bring you a professional and highly entertaining result. With our award winning team we aim to build a brighter future for both Kingston Upon Hull and our surrounding areas.

Through our previous companies we have had clients such as Prospect Centre, Hull City Council, Miss Great Britian, Ray Dixon (Eastenders), Cally Beach (Love Island), Sophie Habibis(X factor), Rob Lemarr (Channel 5) and many more. Our recent clients include Hunter Toys, District 14 events and Sutton Sports and Leisure club in which we have provided various services.

We offer a variety of attraction which can be found in our events services section of the site.